Beca Dalimonte (She/Her) is a recent college graduate from North Carolina with a passion for film history and film criticism, especially related to animation and LGBT films. She particularly loves to find “hidden gems” and spends a lot of time looking through thrift stores and online databases for interesting titles. Although she aspires to one day make a long term career out of her passion for film and/or her illustrations, she currently works as an attractions cast member in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World Resort. Her current favorite film is “Heavenly Creatures,” although she also has a very love/hate relationship with the 2001 film “Ghost World.”

Five Underappreciated LGBT Films to Watch This Summer

It’s common to scroll through the LGBT section of popular streaming sites and feel defeated about what you see. If it’s not films you’ve already seen, it’s often the same five generic-looking gay and lesbian films with sad, skinny white people standing in front of a sunset on their posters. Maybe you can just watch Carol for the twentieth time on Netflix, but wouldn’t it also be great to change it up a bit? To see a gay protagonist in a horror film or an animated movie with a queer child character at its center? For that post Pride Month itch for on-screen representation, here is a list of five of some lesser known LGBT films in a variety of genres – all conveniently under 95 minutes!

REVIEW: “Fun and Insightful, But Ultimately Just Another Stand-Up Special” – ‘Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story’ (2019)

In its current form, Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story is probably only worth a watch for people who were already fans of Kathy prior to the controversy. It’s fun and insightful, but ultimately just another stand-up special – even if it is a stand-up special with a unique backstory. 

Are They or Aren’t They? A Call For Less “Coding” And More Explicitly LGBT Characters In Modern Film

Recently, I had the pleasure of watching the Tetsuya Nakashima film Kamikaze Girls for the first time. It’s a saturated wonderland of a film. It is as charming as it … Continue reading Are They or Aren’t They? A Call For Less “Coding” And More Explicitly LGBT Characters In Modern Film