Her Body of Work: Podcast

What is ‘Her Body of Work’ all about?

Our co-creator, Ell Hof, will be hosting this podcast which follows the careers of female actresses and directors. Along with a special guest each week, they will talking about incredible female filmmakers and their talents, along with what stands out to them as audience and fans of their work, the improvements they have made throughout their careers, as well as what we think makes them special.

Her Body of Work is a celebration of female actresses, directors, their talents and passions. We want to appreciate their work and efforts within a heavily male dominated industry, and share this appreciation with the world.

The list of movies (or as one of the first guests called it so lovingly: “Homework”) discussed in each upcoming episode will be shared before the release of each episode to give you a chance to get involved with the discussion!

Where can I listen to this podcast?

The episodes will be easily accessible for you on Soundcloud.

Where can I find updates on this podcast?

For more updates on Her Body of Work, its very own Twitter account (@hbow_podcast) and our social media for updates.