Core Staff

Compromised of over forty members of staff located worldwide, Flip Screen aims to highlight the work of up and coming writers globally. For a full list on our Staff Writers and their work, please head to our Staff Writer’s Database.


Co-Founder & Commissioning Editor

Georgia Davis (She/Her) is an actor and filmmaker who hails from the UK’s fictional region: The Midlands. She has just finished her final year as a Media and Performance student at the University of Salford, and has an incredible passion for television. Often described as a toddler on red bull, Georgia is the definition of small yet mighty and likens herself to that of Scrappy Doo. You can find her shouting about The Office (US), how Pushing Daisies was unfairly cancelled and Short Term 12 (which you should definitely watch).

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Co-Founder & Podcast Host

Ell Hofmann (She/Her) is an aspiring filmmaker who loves Greta Gerwig too much. She currently lives in Vienna, where she recently finished a college for Multimedia Art and Animation. You’ll find her talking about Professor Marston and the WonderWomen (2017) dir. Angela Robinson on twitter. 

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Georgia Carroll (She/Her) is a broadcast journalism student from Manchester. She loves all things sci-fi and 80s, but will not watch a horror movie even if you pay her. Outside of film and TV Georgia loves music and radio, so she is a sucker for a good soundtrack (anything synth is an instant bonus).



Print Editor

Emily Gett (She/Her) is a doing a film studies masters on the representation of East Asian culture in Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049. Her favourite films include Goodfellas, Lady Bird, Ratatouille, and anything by Wong Kar Wai.

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Assistant Editor

Alissa Morgan (She/Her) is a writer from the little heard of Channel Island of Guernsey. She is an aspiring novelist with a particular interest in writing Historical fiction. Ever the elusive thalassophile, when she is not working on her first novel, you may (or may not) find her somewhere remote by the seaside where she enjoys hiking, cycling, and talking endlessly about her fictional love, Waverly Earp.

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Assistant Editor

Michaela Barton (She/They) is a Welsh/Scottish freelancer temporarily wasting time in Australia. She loves the horror genre and still thinks she’d make a great Final Girl despite her inability to run for more than a minute. Can be found wearing horribly patterned dad shirts while raving about drag queens. Will totally definitely finish writing one of their scripts as soon as they find out what the hell happened on that fishing trip in Gavin and Stacey?? 


Assistant Editor

Fedor Tot (He/Him) is a Yugoslav-born, Wales-raised writer and magazine editor based in Cardiff. He has a particularly strong passion for Yugoslav and ex-Yugoslav cinema, but is generally fairly happy as long as he’s sat in front of moving images. He’s also fascinated by the way various film industries work from country to country – who decides what gets seen? Who decides what gets made? How does that impact what we, the audience see?