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Georgia Davis (She/Her) is an actor and filmmaker who hails from the UK’s fictional region: The Midlands. She has just finished her final year as a Media and Performance student at the University of Salford, and has an incredible passion for television. Often described as a toddler on red bull, Georgia is the definition of small yet mighty and likens herself to that of Scrappy Doo. You can find her shouting about The Office (US), how Pushing Daisies was unfairly cancelled and Short Term 12 (which you should definitely watch).

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Ell Hofmann (She/Her) is an aspiring filmmaker who loves Greta Gerwig too much. She currently lives in Vienna, where she recently finished a college for Multimedia Art and Animation. You’ll find her talking about Professor Marston and the WonderWomen (2017) dir. Angela Robinson on twitter. 

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Georgia Carroll (She/Her) is a broadcast journalism student from Manchester. She loves all things sci-fi and 80s, but will not watch a horror movie even if you pay her. Outside of film and tv Georgia loves music and radio, so she is a sucker for a good soundtrack (anything synth is an instant bonus).


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Emily Gett (She/Her) is a doing a film studies masters on the representation of East Asian culture in Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049. Her favourite films include Goodfellas, Lady Bird, Ratatouille, and anything by Wong Kar Wai.

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Alissa Morgan (She/Her) is a writer from the little heard of Channel Island of Guernsey. She is an aspiring novelist with a particular interest in writing Historical fiction. Ever the elusive thalassophile, when she is not working on her first novel, you may (or may not) find her somewhere remote by the seaside where she enjoys hiking, cycling, and talking endlessly about her fictional love, Waverly Earp.

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Ryder Dunagan (He/Him) is an American actor, activist and filmmaker. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, he grew up in the independent film world before moving to New York City to study filmmaking. After a stint at the New York Film Academy, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming an actor and filmmaker striving towards more inclusive media and furthering transgender voices in television and film.

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Antonia Le (She/Her) is an aspiring writer who is currently studying at the University of Southern California. Most days, you’ll find her dodging questions about what she is actually studying at her school. She much prefers to talk about her passions: lame jokes, great stories, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

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Shaun Alexander (He/Him) is a Bisexual Film Student, born and bred in London. With a strong interest in how Masculinity and Mental Health are depicted on screen, Shaun wants to help open up the conversation further allowing a more frank talk on these often “taboo” subjects. Outside of that he loves Disney, Horror and Heist films and always up to chat about the newest releases!

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Derek Sharp (He/Him) is a recent English and Anthropology graduate living just outside of Toronto, Canada. All genres appeal to him, but, if we’re being honest, horror is probably his favourite. He has a passion for writing and a keen interest in the technicalities of filmmaking. He is preparing to start a Film Production course this Fall. In the meantime he is working part time and trying to finally decide if Donnie Darko is too edgy to be taken seriously or just the perfect amount of edgy. 

Laura Aurelia (She/They) recently started theatre-film-media studies and philosophy at University. If she’s not discussing her usual art–related interests she’s definitely ranting about girls and being tired. As a master of randomly zoning out during conversations, don’t get mad if she doesn’t respond immediately. She’s probably replaying vines or soft indie songs in her head – sorry about that. Yes, yellow is her favourite colour. 


Hayley Paskevich (She/Her) is an avid moviegoer and lover of the written word. It should come as no surprise then that she graduated university with an English degree, minoring in Film Studies. Hailing from the Canadian west, Hayley currently works in the captioning industry and wants to one day make a career out of writing for film. In the meantime though, she can probably be found obsessing over whatever show she’s bingewatching at the moment, coming up with terrible puns, or jamming out to Halsey. 


Sophie Butcher (She/Her) is an operations manager by day and a film writer by night. When she’s not devouring movies and the latest TV boxsets, she’s most likely on the netball court, and is working towards becoming a writer full-time. Not fussy when it comes to genre, she’s most passionate about seeing more queer and (truly) body positive stories shared on screen. Her favourite film changes on a regular basis, but right now? It’s Julia Ducournau’s ‘RAW’.

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Emily Maskell (She/Her) is a lover of stories that are ‘full of heart.’ She is currently a film student who lives in oversized jumpers and always has a cup of tea close. Em enjoys studying films that make her feel all the feelings. Her special talent is being able to recite Bo Burnham’s comedy specials word-for-word.

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Zoe Crombie is a film student at Lancaster University also writing as a critic for Film Inquiry, The Digital Fix, Girls On Tops and more. Her favourite filmmakers are David Lynch, The Marx Brothers, and Studio Ghibli, despite them all having almost nothing in common. Can usually be found eating spaghetti.

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Sara Santacruz (She/Her) is a Colombian film student living in Madrid. She loves coming of age films, but she has a complicated relationship with them, since she rarely sees Latino characters in them. She is also fighting to give women their rightful place in film history. You can find her preaching about how Agnès Varda made the first Nouvelle Vague film, talking about why representation matters and still crying about Mike Mill’s 20th Century Women and Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird.

Beca Dalimonte (She/Her) is a recent college graduate from North Carolina with a passion for film history and film criticism, especially related to animation and LGBT films. She particularly loves to find “hidden gems” and spends a lot of time looking through thrift stores and online databases for interesting titles. Although she aspires to one day make a long term career out of her passion for film and/or her illustrations, she currently works as an attractions cast member in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World Resort. Her current favorite film is “Heavenly Creatures,” although she also has a very love/hate relationship with the 2001 film adaptation of “Ghost World.”  

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Rebecca McCafferty (She/Her) is a social sciences student from Scotland who hopes to be studying film one day. Favourite genre is probably sci-fi fantasy as she loves being taken out of reality and into a magical world for a little while, but still loves a good relatable coming of age film too. Also a massive softie who loves anything Disney. If she’s not watching films she will more than likely be talking about them or Greta Gerwig. 

Hannah Holway (She/Her) is a recent Film graduate and aspiring film writer living in London. Her favourite films include American Beauty and Thelma and Louise, but she also loves Jordan Peele, Black Mirror and a good psychological thriller. If she’s not watching films or writing about them, she’ll probably be reading and/or drinking tea.

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Jenni Holtz (They/Them) is a writer, artist, and activist living in Chicago. They are currently a senior at DePaul University studying Women’s and Gender Studies and Psychology. They also co-host Gaywatch, a podcast about queer readings of media.

Abbi Ruggles (She/Her) is a writer based in South-East England. She loves writing about TV and film, and is also working on her first book. She’s particularly interested in the on screen representations of women, LGBT+ people, and explorations of mental health. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her working in a tabletop gaming store or playing Dungeons & Dragons with her friends. 

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Chris DiLullo (He/Him) is an aspiring film journalist studying Communication and Spanish student at Villanova University.  When not reading philosophical texts for class, he can usually be found watching romantic comedies, studying Letterboxd, or listening to Arcade Fire.

Kaleigh Howland (She/Her) is an actor, journalist and recent graduate from Indiana University, where she studied both of these things. She’s been sneakily watching indie films past her bed time since high school, but she’s since expanded her faves to include the spookiest, most inventive horror films you can find. She loves when girls are portrayed honestly and thoroughly on screen, so you can bet “Booksmart” was her favorite film before it even came out. 

Paige Kiser (She/Her) is a culture writer, production artist, and cat lady from the Midwest of the U.S. with a degree in Mass Media. She loves Paul Thomas Anderson
films, all things sci-fi, and passionately supporting women and underrepresented voices in media.

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Fedor Tot (He/Him) is a Yugoslav-born, Wales-raised writer and magazine editor based in Cardiff. He has a particularly strong passion for Yugoslav and ex-Yugoslav cinema, but is generally fairly happy as long as he’s sat in front of moving images. He’s also fascinated by the way various film industries work from country to country – who decides what gets seen? Who decides what gets made? How does that impact what we, the audience see?

James Crump (He/Him) is a bisexual journalist originally from East Sussex, now settled in Manchester. With a love for the strange, he’s a fan of dark comedy, counting Heathers and John Waters’ Serial Mom among his favourite films. He’s most likely to be found complaining about Twitter whilst scrolling through twitter.

Thomas H. Sheriff is a filmmaker and film journalist particularly interested in social realism, surrealism, expressionism, and the broader evolution of cinema. Graduating from the LSE last summer, he explores film as a vehicle for political, social, cultural and philosophical issues. This doesn’t detract from his unabashed love of Star Wars (even the prequels, in a masochistic sense).

Ren Atreid (She/Her) is a communications and film student based in New England. If she’s not watching an Al Pacino or Emily Browning, you can find her playing the Mass Effect trilogy or reading Japanese comic books.

Bethany Datuin (She/Her) is a creative writing major currently studying at the University of Memphis who tends to write like her life depends on it. Her heart is committed to the coming-of-age genre, especially if it involves other Asian-Americans. When it comes to favorite films, hers is the soft-spoken Columbus, with guilty pleasure Baby Driver as a close second.

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Georgina Smith is a journalism graduate from Scotland, who spends most of her days telling herself she’s going to start writing a book finally and debating whether or not to go back to university. She mainly likes to write about women in film and TV, particularly issues around LGBTQ representation. Her favourite films include Juno, The Florida Project, Booksmart and really anything with a slightly sarcastic female lead

Michaela Barton (She/They) is a Welsh/Scottish freelancer temporarily wasting time in Australia. She loves the horror genre and still thinks she’d make a great Final Girl despite her inability to run for more than a minute. Can be found wearing horribly patterned dad shirts while raving about drag queens. Will totally definitely finish writing one of their scripts as soon as they find out what the hell happened on that fishing trip in Gavin and Stacey?? 

Janet Reinschmidt (She/They) is a Media Studies MA student at The University of Texas at Austin. She is an aspiring audiovisual archivist and film historian specializing in LGBT identity and women’s stories in media. She is passionate about silent film and old Hollywood, dogs, and Lily Tomlin’s comedy albums. 2019 marks the sixth year in a row that Janet has nominated the film Stage Door for consideration to the Nation Film Preservation Board.