She’s a Bad Mama Jama: A Dedication to Pamela Voorhees

As the mother of the famous Jason Voorhees, Ms. Voorhees birthed this franchise, literally and figuratively. 40 years ago, in the franchise’s first film, Pamela Voorhees watched her son drown as a result of the negligence of the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake. In a fit of vengeance, she kills the counselors and remains at the camp for years after – murdering anyone who dared to reopen it. After a night of blood and guts, she prepares to take her final victim – Alice Hardy (Adrienne King) – in the film’s climax. Before she had a chance, Alice decapitates Ms. Voorhees, and the film ends with an ominous jump-scare of a young Jason rising from the calm waters of Crystal Lake.

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