Flip Screen was created by Georgia Davis and Ell Hofmann in January 2019, with the aim of providing an outlet for diverse voices in film and film journalism. With over forty members of staff from around the world, we aim to share work from filmmakers and writers alike that reflect the vast backgrounds and experiences of the world, and give voices to those otherwise marginalised by society.


Each month, we challenge our writers and our audience to come up with work surrounding a theme. These themes vary from month to month and can be written in any form the writer chooses, as long as what they write fits the theme.

This month’s theme: HAPPY HOLIDAYS


Every filmmaker has to start somewhere, and we want to help you feel pride in the start of your career and share your work to a community of other budding or established filmmakers. If you would like us to review or share your work, please email us with the heading STUDENT FILM.

If you would like to contribute to Flip Screen, or are interested in working with us, please feel free to message us on Twitter or email us flipscreened@gmail.com