Walking in a Winter Christmas-town: What Christmas Movies are at the Top of the Your Zillow List?

 “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” and “Jack Frost nipping at your nose,” the perfect blanket of white snow that never seems to be ruined by mud, the mistletoe, the precisely tempered hot chocolate, and so much more quintessential comfort that is related to the 25th of December. Nothing attempts to capture that love and warm, gooey feeling of Christmas quite like the music and the movies of the holiday. Christmas movies have, since the dawn of cinema, set out to create alternate realities and fantasies from the present world. These crafted universes of perfectly unique snowflakes and uninterrupted bliss are not just an escape for viewers to snuggle up close with a hot chocolate to, they are also full of fun and a touch of wondrous humanity that they keep you coming back each year for the rest of your life.

Now, instead of just visiting these feelings once a year, what if you could live in that eternal bliss forever? If you could be Santa Clause or just chill with his elves forever, would you choose to? Stepping into a Christmas movie and sharing the delights of a worriless life sounds like the dream, so let Flip Screen rank the top Christmas destinations on your Zillow list.

6. The North Pole (Elf)

Santa, Elves, Reindeer, and Buddy! Elf is prominently known for the childish and preposterously fun performance from Will Ferrell as Buddy, but let’s take a look at the real estate value of living in this modern film. Well, living in the North Pole is top priority in this movie. The elves are kind of judge-y, but overall very nice people. You get to hang out with Santa and his reindeer, and most of all, you can probably share lovely Christmas memories with Zoey Deschannel. The meal of this fantasy world is spaghetti with syrup, and you’re most likely to just fill up on chocolate and other sweets. It’s not too bad of a deal if you’re going to be living with Christmas classic creatures, like the narwhal. The downside to this property is they might make you work in the toy making business.

5. The North Pole (The Santa Clause)

Thousand-year-old elves who make perfect hot chocolate; who wouldn’t want that? If you want to live in this winter wonderland, all you have to do is kill Santa! Then, you get to become the white-bearded fella yourself and move to the North Pole. It’s a small price to pay to live with sweet, child-like elves for the rest of your life, snacking on cookies and hot chocolate forever. Living in 24/7 snow may seem like a hassle, but really, you’ll just be hanging out inside with Mrs. Clause in the warmth of your humble abode. The downside here is you actually might have to run the entirety of Christmas, which is a massive amount of responsibility.

4. The North Pole (Rise of the Guardians)

 A world with a ripped Santa and massive, loveable yeti sound like a pretty perfect place to spend the rest of your life. This modern rendition of the classic, jolly Santa and his workshop makes the North Pole a hot spot to live. Not only will you meet Jack Frost and the freaking Tooth Fairy, but the animated creatures of this contemporary Christmas town are the cutest ever. Once again, you’ll be living in non-stop winter, but the scenery is to die for. Your best friends may be tiny, cute elves with pointed hats, but no day will ever be dull in this Russian Christmas workshop. Possible downside: there’s always a possibility the boogey-man may return.

3. The McAllister Home from Home Alone

Why would one want to live in the painfully suburban house of Kevin Mcallister? Well, why should that even be a question? This perfectly quaint neighborhood is so safe, you can go on vacation to Paris and forget to close your garage without a worry. The only two criminals to ever exist are gone, and there’s only wintery bliss left behind. You never have to worry about money, because it’s absolutely indispensable in a place like this, and there’s ice cream and cheese pizza galore. There is a constant air of comfort and security. The only possible downside is the possible association with bratty children and adults.

2. Smeerensburg (Klaus)

This new Netflix film found its way to the hearts of many, partly because of the loveable Klaus, but  mostly because of the people and town of Smeerensburg. Children love to learn in this town, and they bring an environment of hope and togetherness with them. The town’s teacher, Alva, is literally the best person, and you’ll probably be her friend. The residents of Smeerensburg are sure to become your family in a minute. Plus, you’d live in the birthplace of Christmas, which is bound to bring a magical feeling to your life. There is no downside to living in Smeerensburg, except maybe if you don’t speak Saami.

1. Whoville (The Grinch)

The Grinch definitely tops this list as the number one Christmas movie to take shelter in; that Whoville jubilee alone pushes this town above the others. The Who’s feast so much, they’re like hobbits with a Dr. Seuss, Christmassy spin. They love Christmas more than anyone, and every day is just another day closer to the holiday. There’s “99% off” sales, and you’re sure to get a pretty groovy looking house, hairstyle, and nose to match. This is by far the most fun town to live in, because there’s always Christmas parties and celebrations going on. Free babies float from the sky, and Max is basically the town pet. Also, who doesn’t want to hang out with Jim Carrey’s Grinch? The only downside to this town is the people may take Christmas a little too seriously.

From Whoville to Smeerensburg, these funky, lovely Christmas movies create an air of happiness and wonder that draws you into their worlds and would make for the perfect places to retire; so whether you choose to shack up with the Grinch or party with elves, these Christmas towns should definitely be your top real estate markets.