What’s on Scene #1 – February 2020

Howdy! Welcome to What’s on Scene, our new monthly column dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest screenings and programmes across the UK. This is the first edition of the column, so if you have any suggestions for next month, any hot tips for cool screenings or events, please make sure to let us know! You can find a full list of all screenings mentioned at the end of the piece.

HOME, Manchester

This month there are two screenings to get excited about at HOME in Manchester! First up is Spit That Out: a programme dedicated to sharing work made by artists from the North West. Sharing community art is vital, especially when funding is as hard to come by as it is at the moment, so make sure you check out this programme on the 1st of February.

A preview of And Then We Danced is also screening as part of ‘Iris on the Move’ on the 4th of February. Iris on the Move is a travelling programme celebrating the best of LGBT+ film, focused around Cardiff’s Iris Prize. The screening will be introduced by Berwyn Rowlands, Iris Prize director, and is definitely worth checking out.

Broadway Cinema, Nottingham

On the 9th of February, visitors to the Broadway Cinema will be able to see a showcase of the best of the 2019 Kendal Mountain Film Festival. The festival is held annually in the Lake District and is Britain’s premiere mountain film festival. This programme of shorts allows viewers to see the very best adventure films from the festival’s most recent instalment.

Sheffield Workstation, Sheffield

There is an excellent repertory double bill happening over the course of the month! Devote yourself to the new flesh by booking to see Videodrome on the 12th, or see Viggo Mortensen attempt to confront his past in A History of Violence on the 26th. This look back at David Cronenberg balances his perhaps more abstract and body horror focused work with his more openly psychological/thriller work, making it a must for any fan of his.

Glasgow Film Festival, Glasgow

The next edition of the Glasgow Film Festival is taking place from the 26th of February until the 3rd of March. The festival offers a mix of contemporary and repertory screenings and takes place across multiple venues. It opens with a screening of Alice Winocour’s highly anticipated Proxima, an absolute must see for all space lovers. Throughout the festival there is a look towards sci-fi, with films such as Logan’s Run, The Day the Earth Caught Fire and Tank Girl looking at how our world may be aligning with past futures. And finally, the festival will close with a screening of How to Build a Girl, starring the phenomenal Beanie Feldstein, surely the hottest screening of the festival and definitely not to be missed!

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

This month, the ICA  boasts a fantastic programme featuring the Japanese Touring Film Programme, which hosts a range of contemporary Japanese features around the theme of ‘happiness’. The programme runs from the 31st of January until the 16th of February. As well as contemporary features, the ICA is screening four films by acclaimed Japanese documentarian Kazuo Hara, from the 31st of January until the 4th of February, in association with Second Run. There are also two opportunities to see the much-awaited Portrait of a Lady on Fire, which receives two preview screenings at the ICA, on the 14th and 21st of February.

LUX, London

This month at London’s premiere artist moving image venue, Jackals and Drones, a new solo exhibition by Sophio Medoidze, brings together over ten years of artistic practice including film, photography and sound work. The exhibition showcases Medoidze’s unique artistic sensibilities and includes her most recent work, Xitana, which is touted as a teaser of sorts for a feature Medoidze is developing for Tyneside Cinema.

Screen 25, London

Screen 25, based in South Norwood, brings a variety of different screenings to dig our teeth into this month. On the roster includes a screening of Tangerine on the 19th and a special screening of Peanut Butter Falcon on the 21st, which includes DJs post-screening. There is Odyssey Film Club’s screening of Tehran: City of Love, and much more! Though perhaps slightly out of the way for some people, Screen 25 is definitely worth the trip as the programme this month is, as always, incredible.

Deptford Cinema, London

At London’s award-winning community cinema this month there is, as usual, a wide array of screenings on offer. Take out your Oscar nomination anger with David Lynch’s damning indictment of Hollywood, with Mulholland Drive screening on the 1st of February. Learn about the ongoing fight for justice in Chile with an anniversary screening of The Battle of Chile on the 2nd. Fans of Takashi Miike will want to mark the 14th of February in their diary for a screening of his new film First Love. On top of this, there is opportunity to learn more about the fight for LGBT+ rights in Africa through Rafiki, screening on the 15th. Deptford is an entirely volunteer run cinema and is always worth supporting!

BFI Southbank, London

The BFI’s fabulous Experimenta section is cooking up a treat. On the 19th, make sure to come and discover the early LGBT+ masterpiece that is Un Chant d’Amour, complete with a post-screening discussion. Definitely make sure to attend the always amazing Experimenta Mixtape, which sees its eighth instalment this month. Programmed by Will Fowler, the Mixtape is always a surprise selection of treats chosen from deep within the archive, always varied and never what you expect. Also at the BFI this month is the Future Film Festival, an event that takes place over three days from the 20th until the 23rd, showcasing the work of young people at Southbank. To find out more about the Future Film Festival, make sure to check up on the BFI website, as well as checking BFI social media for updates.

And that wraps up our first What’s on Scene! If you’re interested in any of the events listed you can use the ticket links below, and make sure to watch out for next month’s listings!

Please feel free to get in touch with us to let us know about any screenings you would like to see listed in next month’s column. You can email us directly at onscene.flipscreen@gmail.com


HOME, Manchester

01/02/2020 – Spit That Out: North West Artist Film Programme
04/02/2020 And Then We Danced Preview + Introduction by Berwyn Rowlands

Broadway Cinema, Nottingham

09/02/2020 – The Best of the 2019 Kendal Mountain Film Festival

Sheffield Workstation

12/02/2020 – Videodrome
26/02/2020 – A History of Violence

Glasgow Film Festival

26/02/2020 – Proxima
27/02/2020 – The Day the Earth Caught Fire
29/02/2020 – Tank Girl
02/03/2020 – Logan’s Run
08/03/2020 – How to Build a Girl


31/01/2020 – 16/02/2020 – Japanese Touring Film Programme
31/01/2020 – The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On
01/02/2020 – Extreme Private Eros: Love Song 1974

02/02/2020 – Goodbye CP
04/02/2020 – Sennan Asbestos Disaster

14/02/2020 – Portrait of a Lady on Fire
21/02/2020 – Portrait of a Lady on Fire


15/01/2020 – 22/02/2020 – Sophio Medoidze, Jackals and Drones

Harris Academy

05/02/2020 – Bait
14/02/2020 – When Harry Met Sally
19/02/2020 – Tangerine
21/02/2020 – Peanut Butter Falcon + DJs
26/02/2020 – Tehran City of Love
27/02/2020 – The Kingmaker

Deptford Cinema

01/02/2020 – Mulholland Drive
02/02/2020 – The Battle of Chile
14/02/2020 – First Love
15/02/2020 – Rafiki

BFI / BFI Future Film Festival

19/02/2020 – Un Chant d’Amour + Discussion
20/02/2020 – 23/02/2020 – Future Film Festival
25/02/2020 – Experimenta Mixtape #8